Candidates who need some guidance

Standing Out From the Crowd. Talent Sourcing. Spotted Candidate

Standing out from the crowd Recently I’ve been approached by candidates who need some guidance on their next steps. I ask what they have done in the way of looking for opportunities and what was their experience and I can’t say I’m surprised at the answers.  It does matter how candidates perceive the client’s hiring […]

Candidate Blocking

Clients understandably are looking to make good hiring decisions and mitigate the possibility of a hire going bad. In recent years, the 3-month probation period has extended to 6 months. This provides the opportunity for both the candidate and the client to evaluate whether or not this is a good fit and eliminates some of […]

Bad Recruiting

Executive Board

  I totally get that finding the right talent is a task that most hiring managers find terribly time consuming and distracting. Having to go through creating the job description, knowing what the ideal candidate looks like, having to vet CV’s and interview candidates can be distracting from one’s day job, but as in a […]

Customer experience

Trust word of wooden elements

Customer Experience is the new buzz word for an old concept – customer satisfaction.  Who is a customer? A customer is a person of a specified kind with whom one has to deal. We deal with people every day and in a business sense, our brand is our livelihood. How well is your brand perceived […]