GuideMe is a phenomenal resource for anyone seeking expert guidance on their career, job search and transition to employment.

GuideMe is a resource rich site for anyone seeking a new career  or career path.

We help you understand  how organisations look for talent, how to find your first, next or transition role. 

As a result,  you will discover what employers look for and how to respond effectively and successfully.

We help you find “best of breed” resources resulting in how to and where to access the information to get the desired outcome.

Our expertise in Corporate Leadership, Career Coaching/Advisory as well as Talent Search across the range of Executive and Recruitment services assures you of receiving the right information to move your career forward. 


Meeting challenging times and experiencing life-changing circumstances, makes now the time to look at things in a different light.

Are you getting little or no traction?

Evolving from the changing landscape of how talent is identified and sourced, how it has more and more become a less personal service, finding your next opportunity has become a transactional event where you get little or no feedback as to why your skills have not been recognised or acknowledged. 

GuideMe has  resources and services  to assist you in making you more likely to get noticed resulting in  finding ways to personalise a process that has most recently left many in the “no-man’s land” of trying to help themselves and not knowing how to.