CV vs Linkedin Profile vs Exec Bio

Great descriptions:
CV vs Linkedin Profile vs Exec Bio
Your CV shows your professional journey in a chronological format. It is a fact-based document showing your Employment experience, responsibilities/skills, and quantifiable achievements.
It should allow you to target specific opportunities while maintaining the integrity of your value to a specific role.

Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to show your skill sets while building a professional network. It allows you to post articles, published professional papers and your story and not be a free advert for your employer past or present.

An Executive Bio or Summary is a short and succinct precis about you. It allows you to provide a snapshot overview of who you are and what you do – kind of an “Elevator Pitch” in written format.

On average, one gets 7.5 – 15 seconds to capture the reader’s attention. Is your CV, Linkedin, Exec Bio fit for purpose?