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REsumE writing

It is extremely hard to self analyse and judge yourself fairly and then to put it into a professional Resume makes it that much harder. 

We are here to help with our years of experience and knowledge!

If You’re Not Getting Interviews with that REsumE, Why Are You Using It?


Your resume is your key to career advancement, but if you’re not getting interviews, your resume is not working.

Trust our resume writing strategy, and change your future. You can reach the interview of your dreams, but you need a rock-solid professional executive resume to open that door. Your GuideMe resume will market you better than you can.




The GuideMe resume strategy is a proven one — we have worked with hundreds of executives and executives in career transition. Whether you are responding to a prime job posting or impressing an executive board, we know how to identify your strengths and create a unique, targeted package of documents that promotes you better than you can do alone. 

This is the foundation of our one-on-one connection and your career success. Our in-depth executive resume writing process elicits the best information about your personality, successes, capabilities, dreams, and career aspirations. We take the responsibility of learning about you very seriously, and we are confident that we can do this only through a careful one-on-one analysis of your strengths and abilities. Over the course of multiple conversations and levels of engagement, prepare to learn about yourself, develop a personal relationship with your resume writer, and have a good time doing it. Uniformly, our clients report that the exploratory process is enlightening and fun, so expect to work hard and uncover aspects of your career history that promote your experience and accomplishments over that of the competition.

You’ll complete 14 online modules that break down your career history, contributions, accomplishments, and branding into questions that are easy to follow and easy to answer. In fact, by my asking for specific elements of your career history, I’ll get an exceptionally detailed, flavourful picture of your executive career history. And if you want to describe something specific, we can do that when we have our formal phone conversation. At that time, I’ll also make sure all your questions are answered (you can always call any time, of course–that goes without saying–but this is our formal check-in). And once you complete all of these modules, I’ll write your resume (and LinkedIn, if you’ve chosen this option) for delivery within 5-10 business days.




Let me recommend the best strategy and most effective, comprehensive set of strategies and products for your specific job search. I am confident our work together will lead to an excellent resume and career portfolio that serves your current career strategy.